War of 1812

In 1780 the Six Nations of New York Indians consisted of the following nations or tribes: Senecas, Cayugas, Onondagas, Oneidas, Tuscaroras, and Mohawks. The Mohawks soon after withdrew to Canada, relinquishing to New York all claim to lands in that state.

NEW YORK INDIANS v. UNITED STATES. No. 106. (April 11, 1898)

Brothers of the Six Nations, – I am happy to behold so many of you assembled together at this time.  I observe that the chiefs of the Seneca, Onodaga, Cayuga and Tuscarora nations and some of the Delawares are present.  The Mohawks,  who live in Canada, are not represented, and the Oneidas, living at a distance, could not attend.

Erastus Granger – New York Senate Document No. 58, 1890, page 138.

We, the chiefs and counselors of the Six Nations of Indians residing in the State of New York, do hereby proclaim to all the war chiefs and warriors of the Six Nations, that war is declared on our part against the provinces of Upper and Lower Canada.  Therefore, we hereby command and advise all the war chiefs and warriors of the Six Nations to call forth immediately the warriors under them and put them in motion to protect their rights and liberties, which our brethern, the Americans, are now defending.

Chief Red Jacket – New York Senate Document No. 58, 1890, pp. 144-145.

The Act of Congress of the United States, declaring war against England was approved by President Madison, on the 18th of June, 1812, and the proclamation of the president, announcing the fact to the world, was issued on the 19th.  The news had no sooner reached the province of Upper Canada, than measures were adopted by the officers of the Crown to induce the Mohawks and all of the other Indians, who could be controlled by thier influence to take up the hatchet.

Life of Red Jacket, page 302
(as quoted by Mr. Johnson – New York Senate Document No. 58, 1890, page 137).



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