Mohawk Investigations Bureau

Mohawk Investigations Bureau (MIB)
Ouse / Grand Kanyen’kehake Territory

The Mohawk Investigations Bureau (MIB) is the primary investigative branch of the Kanyen’kehake Territory Mohawks of the Grand / Ouse River. It is dedicated to investigating alleged breaches of law including serious crime within the Haldimand Tract, and targeting organized crime and recidivist criminals including belligerent occupants. The MIB was founded in 2012 at Kanata as the primary Kanyen’kehake Territory Investigations Unit and Law Enforcement Force.  The MIB is administered by the Mohawk Workers of the Ouse by a circle of elders pursuant to custom and the Great Binding Law / Great Law of Peace.

In addition working within the territory, the MIB also refers dossiers in respect of serious crimes to relevant external and international authorities in instances where external cooperation is requested.

Highly-trained staff who work within the MIB consist of educated individuals who demonstrate proven track records within their respective areas of expertise.

Financial Crimes
The MIB targets organized criminal networks behind financial crime, and corruption driven by the prospect of profit.

Swift reactions to rapidly unfolding global and geopolitical events in order to secure evidence or to freeze and seize illegally obtained assets enables the MIB to stay ahead of targets.  The MIB mitigates obstructive factors which would otherwise make it difficult, sometimes even impossible to trace targets  and  the illegal assets by requesting assistance from diverse instruments of law enforcement such as industry regulators and INTERPOL.

MIB’s role in addressing external challenges to law enforcement within the territory is:

  • To continue to identify and implement best practices and expert knowledge within the fields of investigation and  prevention and to demonstrate this information to authorities worldwide;
  • To enable specialized branches to swiftly respond to global events using external instruments and services;
  • To re-affirm, improve and expand existing covenants and agreements with our friends and allies aimed to foster meaningful respect and cooperation.

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