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From: CVN Newscast by Producer / Host: Geoffrey West

In this next story, I’d like to ask you to use your imagination for a moment while I describe a scenario to you.

Imagine if I approached you who had $500,000 piece of property, with a home and where your family lived. I force you to sign a contract where all your property is ceded and surrendered to me. Since I have no money to pay you the $500,000 which is the value of your property, I make all kinds of promises to you. I move people into your home and collect rent from them, but don’t pay anything to you and your family. In fact, I move you, the original owners of the house into one small room of your house and make you live there. You complain that I am not paying you anything for their property and that the agreement that was signed is not being honoured. The complaints are sent to a court that I set up but the court must only consider laws that I legislate and I also appoint the judges that will decide the case. Would that not be considered a fraud. Would you feel that the agreements I made with you to be fraudulent? Would you be willing to give up all that you have, and not share in the benefits of your property? Yet, people still think that they can get justice from the courts set up by the Government of Canada.

If you have not yet made the connection, this is basically the story of all indigenous tribes across Canada, and indeed in North America and in many parts of the world.

This is an adaptation of a story that was sent to me by Jason Bowman, special assistant working with the Kanienkehaka and Mohawk Workers of Kanata. It is originally a story told by Chief Fox in commenting on observations from a recent court date on land claims case as the Attorneys General of both Canada and Manitoba tried to defend their right to grant titles to immigrants because the historical treaties had ceded and surrendered all lands to the Queen.

Here is a prime example of where and how admiralty law fails the sovereign human being. In being forced to unknowingly consent to a corporate fiction entity, many first nations have unknowingly surrendered rights that basically Divine-given.

For the purposes of helping listeners to begin learning about separating the difference between sovereign entities and corporate entities, I will share a bit of information with you shortly.

An article on the westcoastnativenews.com website on 01JUL has reported that two of Canada’s First Nations located in the province of Manitoba have served eviction notices to mining companies they ay are operating illegally on their land.

July 1 2013 EVICTION NOTICE delivered by Onkwehon:we

July 1 2013 EVICTION NOTICE delivered by Onkwehon:we

According to the article, the bands claim they are protecting their land and resources and demanding respect for treaty rights, and that promises of job training and environmental protection be honoured.

An article posted in the Winnipeg Free Press reported that Canadian courts issued an injunction on those two groups, and the mining companies would be allowed to continue destroying the land.

These are the kinds of issues that stack up against the original tenants of Turtle Island, the land mass known as North America have to deal with.

Events will be continuing in Canada through July, and may very well be the month that determines who stands on the side of the cabal-controlled entities or who stands with the original holders of the land. The CBC.ca news website reported on 28JUN that “Tensions between the Assembly of First Nations or AFN, and some chiefs who are feeling excluded could boil over next month at a meeting where a new breakaway organization could be born.

The National Treaty Gathering at Onion Lake, Sask., is taking place July 14 to 18, at the same time the AFN is having its annual meeting in Whitehorse. People will have to choose which meeting they want to attend.

The AFN although claimed by the Canadian government to have been elected democratically, is a commercially-created entity under admiralty law, and has been claimed by numerous First Nations leaders to not represent the interests of the people but rather has sold them out to the corporate and admiralty law interests of the government of Canada.

Having both events on the same weekend has the advantage of clearly affirming who is supporting the government-sponsored group and who is supported the true voice of the First Nations communities.

One chief, Delbert Wapass who plans to attend the Onion Lake event feels it will be something great and was quoted as saying that “if the AFN is not stepping up and defending our rights, we have to.”

The terms AFN and First Nations are technically terms that apply to treaty or admiralty law. The term First Nations has been commonly accepted and is used.

The Kanienkehaka Mohawk Workers of Kanata have a different word for First Nations, as they do not see themselves as a corporate entity known as a First Nation. They use the word Onkwehon:we … On-Kwe-on-weigh. This translates as ‘the original people who live naturally.” CVN will be attempting to introduce this term more and more into the newscast, to help bridge the understanding that we are all one, not with corporate entities, but as brothers and sisters of Divine Creator Source and of Gaia, our planet.

Bowman informed CVN that a source to which he is connected has informed him that the AFN may be on its final legs. As events continue to play out over the coming month, this will become more clear. Mr. Bowman has indicated some positive news may be forthcoming in terms of establishing diplomatic relations with at least a few countries, and this could give further weight to the sovereignty claim of the Kanienkehaka Mohawks, but which may also lay a foundation to assist other First Nations across the country in reclaiming their rights that were stripped from them under commercial/admiralty law treaties that have not been honoured.

More news will be forthcoming from our Onkwehon:we brothers and sisters.

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August 31, 2012 Historic Blue Moon “Checkmate” CVN News Archive RE: Global RE-SET, Grand River Mohawks, Onkwehon:we Rising and IdleNoMore in the making.  This is where we see things starting to shape up for the new dawn now upon us.


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