New RCMP Anti-Terrorism Force Protects Big Oil Tar Sands, Pipelines

Alberta’s Anti-Terrorism Force Protects Tar Sands, Pipelines.

In their paper, entitled “Making Up ‘Terror Identities’”, the authors describe the production of categories under which the government identifies potential security threats. Analyzing 25 classified reports from Canadian policing and intelligence agencies, gained through Access to Information requests, they uncovered the emergence of a new class of domestic threat in the country: Multi Issue Extremism (MIE).

Moving to counteract MIE, the Canadian government has expanded their early terrorist concerns with “financial security and Al-Queda-inspired terror groups” to include “activist groups, indigenous groups, environmentalistsand others who are publicly critical of government policy.”

Monaghan and Walby suggest that the government’s increasing concern with MIE is responsible for transforming what constitutes a ‘perceived threat’ in the country, leading to “slippages and inconsistencies of threat categories.”

For this reason, the government has created its own cause to cast the terrorism net wider than in previous times.

As Monaghan and Walby describe the process, once a group is identified as a ‘domestic security concern’ the government establishes special task forces or “intelligence clusters” (like INSET) that engage in the construction of “terror identities.”

By circulating information between agencies like the RCMP, CSIS, other government agencies and the mass media, these ‘clusters’ construct the perception of a threat, lending it a certain ‘facticity.’ Once the ‘terror identity’ gains currency it is short work for these agencies to justify “domestic spying campaigns that target grassroots social movements under the statutory responsibilities of Canadian law.”

How much more clearly could the attack on Canada’s environmental and First Nation groups be framed?

Surveillance of Tar Sands Opposition?

The creation of Alberta’s counterterrorism unit is an anticipated step in this spy-and-suppress process, as Monaghan describes it.

“It is very much in line with the trend of committing more and more national security and counter-terrorism resources without a corresponding basis in any kind of particular threats,” he told the Globe and Mail.

Even RCMP Assistant Commissioner Gilles Michaud agrees that there is no particular threat to respond to, although, given the oil and gas boom in Alberta, “one would be led to believe that there is an increased threat to the infrastructure.”


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2 responses to “New RCMP Anti-Terrorism Force Protects Big Oil Tar Sands, Pipelines”

  1. reconciliationproject says :

    Would it be possible to get a copy of the report? Given the past proclivity of Canada’s police forces to use violence, and in some cases lethal force, to resolve disputes involving indigenous peoples, records detailing the extent of surveillance being directed at human rights defenders would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Doreen Agostino says :

    A Message From Egyptian Protesters To The United States Of America (plus a Video of the protests – turn the sound up for this one!)

    Rise-up Canadians for the love of human, animal, plant life, our great Country,world, and freedom! When we create coherence in our internal systems of beliefs,thoughts, feelings, words and actions we radiate more coherence into the geomagnetic field of Earth, which brings global coherence closer to our collective physical reality.

    Power is knowledge applied. Knowledge applied peacefully by we the people is limitless power to transform harm into harmlessness.

    Thank you Mohawk Brothers and Sisters!

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