#IdleNoMore – flash mob round dance at Brantford City Hall @ 6 pm

We are holding a flash mob round dance at Brantford City Hall (at the mayor’s office) today (Monday) at 6 pm as part of the international day of action in support of Idle No More. The action will be framed under the slogan of “Idle No More – Honor the Two Row!”

This action will kick off a campaign to insist that the city of Brantford do the following in order to live up to its responsibilities under the Two Row Wampum.

PEACE – Declare a moratorium on new developments until the underlying land claim issues in Brantford are resolved. In particular, support a halt to all development on such contested sites as Tutela Heights, Hardy Road, and Davisville. Onkwehonweh land rights must be respected, green space must be valued, and farmers need land to grow the food we need to eat. Expanding the city limits in order to pave over more land is wrong.

RESPECT – Immediately turn the water back on at Kanata Village. The City of Brantford’s decision to shut off the water not only creates a fire hazard but is also a sign of total disrespect to the rightful occupants of Kanata Village.

FRIENDSHIP – The City of Brantford must take the principles of the Two Row Wampum seriously. The Two Row has a prominent place in the city’s coat of arms and heritage, it’s time for all Citizens of Brantford – including the Mayor and the City Council – to live up to their responsibilities under the Two Row.

Following the flash mob on January 28 there will be a public forum at Kanata Village on Thursday January 31st at 7pm to discuss how the Two Row Wampum remains relevant today, and what future steps will be required to achieve these demands.

Hopefully you can join us tonight and again on Thursday as well.



About Rotinonshonni ónhwe - Tkanatáhere

We belong to families organized pursuant to ancient ways. Ka-nyen-geh-ha-kah (Mohawks) of Grand River support site. "Very simply, frauds and deceit have usurped this war reparation and robbed our people of what is rightfully ours, leaving us with only a Land Claim. Broken deals, fraud, embezzlement and genocide – and worse – all perpetrated at the unclean hands of too many to count at this time. We are (Mohawks) Ka-nyen-geh-ha-kah of Grand River, founders of the Five Nation League and what some call the "Great Peace".

One response to “#IdleNoMore – flash mob round dance at Brantford City Hall @ 6 pm”

  1. Doreen Agostino says :

    ‘The Intimacy of Self and Earth Mother’

    In June 2002, I had the privilege to participate as a Needub in the meeting of the Wulustuk Grand Council in Woodstock. Grand Chief Ennis gave us a document entitled The Wulustuk Grand Council’s vision on Wulustukieg Unity and asked for our feedback. I found this document most inspiring and it prompted me to write the following:

    With this and in all things we say and do, we are of one mind and one heart with the Ancestors. With this and in all things we say and do, we keep uppermost within our hearts and minds the well-being of the Seventh Generation.

    Since the beginning of time, the Wulustukieg People have had a solemn responsibility to respect, protect and honour our Sacred Earth Mother. There may have been distractions during the journey. Perhaps some of our people forgot the original instructions. However, this one thing is still true: from times immemorial the Wulustuk People have been here, are still here, and will continue to be here because of this sacred purpose given to us by our Creator.

    Natural Law, birthrights, treaty rights, and the rule of law (the concept of British Common Law) are all in favour of our being a self-determining people. If this is the case, what is preventing us from living the full value and expression of self-determination?

    Our Ancestors were a free, self-determining, peaceful people for the many millenia before European contact. The traditional form of governance of the Wulustukieg for a thousand generations was our Grand Council. Unfortunately, there are times when light weakens and darkness moves in. Our traditional form of government was nearly wiped out entirely because of our inability to successfully counteract the deliberate and systematic efforts of foreigners and their descendants to impose on us their views and ways.

    Even the light of a candle can keep darkness at a distance. Our traditional Medicine Elders have taught us that as long as there is even one Wulustukieg who remembers and lives our traditional teachings, their light will radiate and inspire others and our traditional form of governance will not die.

    Today, we are witnessing a new Dawn. The first ray of the rising sun brings joy and confidence after the darkest of nights. Throughout the world, traditional leaders and their people are coming back to the roots of their traditions. Even though their efforts do not get the attention they deserve, they are patiently watering the roots of life and the first fruits are taking shape.

    In this phase transition between night and day, we have important choices to make. Are we the generation that is allowing the final and irrevocable break in the sacred hoop of life that connects us with our Ancestors and the Seventh Generation? Or are we the generation that is really coming back home, to our inner Being, to what is left of our cherished traditional teachings, to our Mother Tongue, to our Land, to Earth Mother who is presently suffering from all kinds of untold abuses?

    To be a self-determining people we need to know ourselves, to refer back to ourselves, to be self-referral. We need to connect with the Self, that universal level of life that impartially nourishes all life from atoms to galaxies. That universal intelligence that silently administers all life is never far. It is deeply seated within each one of us. It regulates our heartbeats, our bloodflow, our growth and evolution even at night when deep sleep takes us. We need to withdraw from the objects and mirages of modern life–at least a few minutes every day–and turn inward so as to become acquainted will all levels of our being, from the surface to the source.

    If we are to do justice to our traditional teachings, each one of us needs to experience our roots deep within. This daily experience will enrich us all. Each one of us is the basic unit of our people in the same way that a green tree is the unit of the green forest. Becoming more self-referral will help us triumph over the object-referral habits of the Western World that is swamped in material values that are eating up the soul and destroying life. Becoming self-referral will help us recognize those who are honestly seeking to embrace more universal and lasting values; it will help us forge lasting alliances with all peaceloving people whoever and wherever they may be.

    When the waves on the ocean settle down, they intimately connect with their common basis, the unbounded surface of the ocean which is the source, course and goal of all their activity. Like the silent surface of the ocean, our inner being–the Self–is an unbounded ocean of consciousness. We have suffered and are still suffering because we have unfortunately lost connection with that essential level of our life. Amidst the tumultuous waves of change that our people have undergone and witnessed, the wisdom of our Medicine Elders has fortunately guided and encouraged us.

    Nobody can rightly make choices in our place. However, in order to make wise choices, we need to expand our awareness. Expanding our awareness cannot be left to chance. We need adequate knowledge and technologies. We need to remember that everything in Nature evolves according to cycles of rest and activity. Silent rest and dynamic activity are the two steps of progress. Silent rest has become more precious than ever at this time when noisy hyperactivity pervades our midst and surroundings. Silent rest allows us to know ourselves and restore our vital forces.

    A better knowledge of who we are will increase our organizing and nourishing power. Knowledge is always structured in consciousness. All the choices we make depend upon the quality of our consciousness. We need expanded awareness to remember, appreciate and be grateful for the traditional teachings of our Ancestors. We need expanded awareness to fathom the impact our decisons and actions will have on the Seventh Generation. We need expanded awareness to always consider the well-being of our family, our community, and our nation. We need expanded awareness to understand how our inner life is affecting the outer life. We are intimately connected to Sacred Mother Earth. When She suffers, all Her children, all forms of life are suffering.

    The natural way is always towards peace, unity, healing and accountability to the Seventh Generation. We find this through our traditional teachings. The Wulustukieg People have lived these teachings and values for thousands of years. Whatever is universal and useful is not destroyed by the passage of time. We have longevity working in our favour.

    We know in our hearts and minds that honouring and respecting the Ancestors–the Custodians of traditional teachings–has always led us on the right road. Since all our traditional teachings are based on honouring and protecting all of creation and Sacred Mother Earth, all our behaviours and social policies must reflect these same values. We need not to forget that the Europeans at the time of contact referred to our people as the “Children of God” and to the unspoiled land as a “Paradise on Earth”. In togetherness, we are the Children of God and we have the ability to bring back Paradise on Earth.

    Any policy, regulation or law imposed upon another will neither be successful, nor be understood and supported by the one upon whom it is imposed. That is why consensus works. There is presently very little in place that fosters trust between our people and the transplanted Europeans. The history of the last 500 years is one of broken promises, broken treaties, lies, deceit, abuse, stolen land, racism and genocide. This has been 500 years of dark night when everything we loved and cared for has been trampled and trashed. Even though our hearts are sorrowful, we see the first rays of the Dawn and we welcome its reassuring light because the value of what we have always cherished will be recognized. More than ever, we need to practice consensus in our midst so as to be an inspiration to all peaceloving people.

    Today and in togetherness, we need to begin healing ourselves and work toward healing the relationships with others so that Paradise on Earth Mother can be enjoyed in this generation. Is this goal too ambitious? Nothing is impossible to the invincible power of Natural Law. Because we are all related–Earth Mother, human beings, animals, plant life, the elements, the planets, the stars and galaxies–we are responsible for one another. What happens to one of us happens to all. We need togetherness in our silent rest. We need togetherness in our dynamic activity.

    One piece of straw can be carried away and eaten up by an ant. Many pieces of straw woven together can tie up a bear or a buffalo. One working alone is lost. When two of us share the same goals there is some safety. When three of us agree there is still place for mistakes. However, when four of us reach a consensus and act as of one heart and mind, we are invincible, we are in tune with Natural Law and we receive its full support.

    More than ever, we need to make alliance with the Government of Nature which maintains unity and harmony amidst all diversity. When unity becomes lively in individual and collective consciousness, all levels of administration of society reflect the cosmic administration of Natural Law, the “Will of the Creator” to which all religions and traditions aspire to enjoy a heavenly life on Earth.

    We are the Wulustukieg. We are the people of the Peaceful Waters that flow in this beautiful part of the world. The Peaceful Waters of fully developed consciousness can help us appreciate and enjoy the intimate connection between our inner Self, Earth Mother, and the whole cosmic life. Let us come back home in the fullness of our heart and soul. Our homeland will then rejoice and be really ours in every possible way. Earth Mother will abundantly shower Her blessings and treasures upon Her children.

    May all Wulustukieg People join the circle of the Grand Council.


    Miville Couture,
    A Needub from Saint John, NB.

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