Indigenous Leaders Bring 20,000 Signatures to Brasília Demanding Land & Rights

Yesterday, Tuesday, December 4, 2012 Rebecca Sommer reported that 70 indigenous leaders from Mato Grosso do Sul and various other regions of Brazil were in the capital, Brasilia, to deliver to the Brazilian authorities over twenty thousand signatures from the campaign “I support the Indigenous Cause.”

(See full article with links to U.N. submission) 

The movement claims:
i)    the demarcation of indigenous lands;
ii)  the rejection of the Constitutional Amendment Proposal nr. 215 (PEC
215); and,
iii) the judgment of all urgent actions underway in the Supreme Court (STF) involving indigenous peoples’ rights.

The Grand River Mohawks (as the Mohawk Workers) support our cousins in Brasilia and elsewhere within Turtle Island. Onkwehonwe here within our territory, and throughout Canada are also in the midst of bringing these very same issues to the forefront in order that they be dealt with pursuant to customs and justice.  

Submissions have already been forwarded to The United Nations via 2 U.N. Special Rapporteurs, (Food / Indigenous Rights) and we vow to continue to pursue justice relentlessly for the sake of future generations.  Together our voices shall be heard.

November 2, 2012 Information / Complaint Allegation


About Rotinonshonni ónhwe - Tkanatáhere

We belong to families organized pursuant to ancient ways. Ka-nyen-geh-ha-kah (Mohawks) of Grand River support site. "Very simply, frauds and deceit have usurped this war reparation and robbed our people of what is rightfully ours, leaving us with only a Land Claim. Broken deals, fraud, embezzlement and genocide – and worse – all perpetrated at the unclean hands of too many to count at this time. We are (Mohawks) Ka-nyen-geh-ha-kah of Grand River, founders of the Five Nation League and what some call the "Great Peace".

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