“Remember Who You Are” – Bill Squire (Chief Spokesperson) – Mohawks of the Ouse / Grand River Territory

Sekoh. I think Bill Squire sums up the situation perfectly here: http://youtu.be/Kx75qvSCNqI . Please take some time to watch / listen to what he is saying. Essentially we encourage everyone to REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE. If you read Bill’s letters on our website and see what the Mohawk Workers are doing about this situation you will see that solving these problems IS possible. It all starts when we remember who we really are. This happens once we discover the truth. Nia:wen


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About Rotinonshonni ónhwe - Tkanatáhere

We belong to families organized pursuant to ancient ways. Ka-nyen-geh-ha-kah (Mohawks) of Grand River support site. "Very simply, frauds and deceit have usurped this war reparation and robbed our people of what is rightfully ours, leaving us with only a Land Claim. Broken deals, fraud, embezzlement and genocide – and worse – all perpetrated at the unclean hands of too many to count at this time. We are (Mohawks) Ka-nyen-geh-ha-kah of Grand River, founders of the Five Nation League and what some call the "Great Peace".

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