Tutela Heights – Pre-Contact Native & Euro-Canadian Heritage Site Within Kanienkahagen Mohawk (Grand River) Territory

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Letter sent on September 25th 2012 to Federal/Provincial Authorities RE: Tutela Heights from the Mohawk Workers

Sekoh / Greetings:

I write urgently to you, at the request of Bill Squire (Kanienkahagen Mohawk) and their statesmen, who represent the ‘head’ and leaders of the original League of Five Nations Confederacy, and who remain the lawful trustees and protectors of the Mohawk Nation’s original copy of the Haldimand Proclamation of 1784. This entitlement issued under the seal of King George III of England states undeniable and outright entitlement to the Mohawk Nation of the lands “six miles deep from the mouth to the source of the Grand (Ouse) River” – approximately 1 million acres known as Haldimand Tract:“as long as the Sun shall be moving in the Heavens, and the Grass growing, and the waters flowing in the rivers” for them “and such others’” to enjoy forever.

This indigenous nation of sovereign people (and their allies) have inhabited the banks of the Grand River in southern Ontario, since their territory was formally recognised / established in 1784 – as they had for many years prior. Evidence of these ancient confederacies and habitations can be seen at http://tutelaheights.wordpress.com. This website site also outlines and serves to demonstrate how belligerent occupants and development threaten to further corrupt historical homeland.

Their land base of nearly 1 million acres was given to them by the King of England for their military service and loss of their homeland in New York State (the Mohawk Valley, given that they fought for the British in the American Revolutionary War, and remain ALLIES, not SUBJECTS of the Crown. This land ‘gift’ / war reparation is called the “Haldimand Proclamation” (See: https://rotinonshonnionhwetkanatahere.wordpress.com) for more information.

When Canada took statehood, these Mohawks thought that they would still be treated as respected allies, but many changes occurred. These Mohawks were treated very badly, with much money and land stolen.

Accordingly, we ask that you provide assistance with regards to our investigation into unauthorised removal of thousands of artifacts (including bone) by parties acting for Walton Corp. and their proxies. Our investigation has revealed that witnesses have been reporting the discovery of HUMAN REMAINS (bones) within the Tutela Heights area for decades. It appears that the O.P.P. normally took possession of said finds, and it remains the Mohawk position that:

1. Cemeteries and traditional burial sites are unique repositories of human history and the resting places of human remains and associated artifacts such as grave markers, tombstones and monuments. We recognise these important elements of our collective heritage as priceless authentic historical records of the past and witnesses to the continuity of life within our territory. Significant ecological features make such sites invaluable to the natural heritage of not only our territory, but the region, the province, and indeed Canada itself.

2. The following principles are basic to all peoples:
i) The sanctity of the deceased is of paramount concern.
ii) The deceased have a right to rest in peace in the tradition and custom of their religion or beliefs at the burial site of their choosing.
iii) Common human dignity must be respected.
iv) The living must be responsible for the care of the deceased.
v) The cultural heritage to which burial sites bear witness must be maintained to ensure the historical record for future generations.

3. Mohawk territorial lands and their rich heritage are at risk (and indeed remain under attack) due to a lack of action for their preservation. Within our territory, we have borne witness to various levels of administration clearly fail to safeguard known burial sites – one of our last remaining authentic cultural heritage resources. Such disastrous acts / inaction had already caused significant harm to the continuity of the historical record and our collective culture. It is in the interest of our Nation and our allies, that all culturally and environmental significant sites within our territory be protected, preserved and maintained in their original locations.

I look forward to confirmation of receipt of this message, as well as to any assistance which can be afforded to us in terms of moving towards further identifying and resolving these ‘toxic’ issues. Kindly contact the undersigned in order to discuss this further or to obtain clarification.

Very sincerely,

Jason Bowman (For Bill Squire)


Evidence of Documented Finds

From http://tutelaheights.wordpress.com/