Tutela Road Heights / Walton Corp. Cease & Desist / No Trespassing Enforcement – Mohawk Investigations Bureau – Mohawk Meeting Called for Thursday at Site

Sekoh / Hello,

Yesterday afternoon, 2 MIB units (directed by elders) were dispatched to the Tutela Road Heights / Walton Corp. site where 6 unidentified parties had been observed and recorded on Sept. 11 2012. See: https://rotinonshonnionhwetkanatahere.wordpress.com/m-i-b/open-investigations-and-updates/

Our units recorded a number of parties using 2 vehicles who were observed engaged in archaeology-related (retrieval) activities which remain strictly and explicitly prohibited pursuant and subject to cease and desist notices delivered and served to Walton Corp (Canada /Ontario) executives including known belligerent occupant CHILD, JASON. More video to follow.


The parties’ apparent supervisor who admitted to working for “Archaeological Services”, and answerable directly to CHILD, JASON of Walton Corp. (Ontario) refused to identify himself. Accordingly, he is being considered to be a belligerent party to trespasses. He is also wanted for questions in order to have the opportunity to clarify statements he made to the elders including admitting the fact that he had directly supervised the delivery of numerous archaeological artifact pieces to Walton Corp. (Canada).

Both Mohawk Worker Elders directing the MIB units evicted all unauthorized parties until further notice and directed the posting of No Trespass notices; a copy of which was also accepted by the unidentified supervisor). All parties were finally directed to cease and desist from their unauthorized acts including trespasses. They gathered belongings, equipment and containers and retreated from the site.

Our units video taped dozens of sites (some marked with numbered stakes) including numerous unmarked and re-covered areas. The parties were engaged in the use of sifting and sorting equipment. Exposed brick and other fragments were observed and documented by our units at several sites. Our very preliminary analysis suggests that lower sites appear consistent with a settlement locale, and upper sites appear consistent with what may involve ceremony.

Accordingly, the Mohawk Workers have called for a meeting at the site Thursday, September 20, commencing at dawn. We hope local residents will continue to work with us in order help us to deal with these most urgent issues. We will ask any and all to come forward and cooperate, as we continue to return respect, truth and harmonic balance to the territory for all of our settlers to cherish. These freedoms remain under attack and the Tutela Heights Site reveals Walton Corp’s HDI relationship. Neither party is in fact entitled to deal in matters pertaining to the Territory.

This update has been disseminated to a number of our allied groups and we will update via our website accordingly. The press will also be in attendance today. All public are welcome to join us today.


UPDATE – 12:00 p.m.
We have returned to Kanata after meeting this morning at the Tutela Heights Road site. The press has now been informed of the most current updates, and the Turtle Island News plans on running a full story.

Mark Hill of the O.P.P. kept his distance from the Mohawk Workers this morning in an unmarked vehicle (but today was seen wearing a uniform). He claimed that his presence was for the purpose of keeping the peace and in order to ensure our well-being and safety. No Walton-related parties were encountered / observed.

The Mohawk Workers and MIB plan to continually monitor the site – units will return throughout the day / night – and every morning – in order to ensure compliance with our cease/desist and no trespass notices and the preservation of evidence and artifacts.

Additional evidence was obtained today on-site and through witnesses who now include increasing numbers of archaeological / historical experts who have agreed to continue to assist the MIB and the Mohawk Workers with this on-going investigation / proceeding.

The Mohawk Workers were extremely pleased to learn about the Concerned Citizens of Brant www.CCOB.ca announcement today indicating that their members have voted to support our initiative & add their group to the allied group’s press statement / letter. As support for this movement continues to grow – and Walton et al continue to retreat from sites which remain in question, the Mohawk Workers remain increasingly resolved to see that all unauthorized activities within the territory remain frozen.

Thanks to all for their continued support.

Jason Bowman


About Rotinonshonni ónhwe - Tkanatáhere

We belong to families organized pursuant to ancient ways. Ka-nyen-geh-ha-kah (Mohawks) of Grand River support site. "Very simply, frauds and deceit have usurped this war reparation and robbed our people of what is rightfully ours, leaving us with only a Land Claim. Broken deals, fraud, embezzlement and genocide – and worse – all perpetrated at the unclean hands of too many to count at this time. We are (Mohawks) Ka-nyen-geh-ha-kah of Grand River, founders of the Five Nation League and what some call the "Great Peace".

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