Mohawk Workers Join 9 Other Civil Society Groups United in Solidarity to Protect Brant County From Farmland Grab by Developers, Land-bankers and Offshore Investors & Deliver Public Messages Today in Brantford as Public Support Grows

***For Immediate Release*** September 15, 2012

From: Barry Pridham, Minister, Sydenham St. United Church, BrantfordTutela Heights Phelps Road Residents AssociationBrant Green PartyNational Farmers Union (Brant, Hamilton, Halton Local), Mohawk WorkersSustainable BrantZero Waste Brant Preserving Agricultural Lands SocietyLangford ConservancySt. George Citizens Association

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We support the preservation of rural heritage and prime farmland throughout Brant County.

We call upon our elected officials to work with citizens to:

Encourage, foster and support the preservation of food lands create and develop zero waste initiatives for Brant County,

develop public transit between and within cities and towns rather than another highway,

create a joint vision of a primarily agricultural community which respects the boundaries of ecologically sustainable and fiscally responsible growth in our more urban communities with our own resources, protects foodland throughout Brant County, and causes no harm to the environment or any resident within the County.

We do not support:

the paving over of foodland,

the creation and/or expansion of gravel pits,

rendering plants in residential areas, especially when they are near ecologically sensitive areas such as open streams that give access to the aquifer.

the proposed Hwy. 424 or Niagara Greater Toronto Area (NGTA) highways or the expansion of Hwy 407 to our region,

another interchange along Hwy 403 in the Langford area,

the incineration of municipal waste (waste to energy),

the type of residential housing development planned by companies such as Walton for areas like Tutela Heights and other areas throughout the county,

the creation of an industrial corridor along Highway 2/53 between Ancaster and Brantford, or

• the allowing offshore investors with no accountability to dictate the future community.

We call upon Brant County Council to do whatever is necessary to:

preserve foodland throughout Brant County for generations to come,

immediately implement a moratorium on pending and future applications for rezoning of foodland to aggregate, agricultural-industrial or industrial,

preserve and protect our wells and municipal water supply,

work with citizens to extend the Provincial Greenbelt to protect the foodlands of Brant County to ensure food sovereignty and food security, and

stop the race to the bottom – stop the plunder of Brant County.

We call upon Brant County Council to:

work with the Province of Ontario to create aggregate recycling initiatives including aggressive recycled content requirements and environmentally friendly recycling techniques. The current system for gravel pit applications places an unfair burden on the taxpayers of Brant County and must be addressed prior to any further aggregate operations being implemented or expanded.

Request a study of the cumulative affects of aggregate operations on the environment.

Protect our water. The Source Water Protection Plan is “ineffective” in the words of the committee who made it due to restrictions placed on them by the provincial government. We ask our Council to fight for the lifting of these restrictions.

vigorously promote a “zero waste” policy for Brant County to reduce the amount of waste being generated, rather than opening new landfill sites or expanding existing ones,

recognize the vital role of the “natural capital” in Brant County and ecosystem goods and services that it provides,

treasure and protect the historic buildings of our farming and rural communities.

We echo the call of First Nations communities to preserve, protect and honor the rich resources of Brant County as a rural and farming area.

We question the objectivity of the Walton Langford visioning session. It does not represent a true opportunity for residents of the County to formulate their visions for 3,000 acres of Farmland between Ancaster and Brant due to

• a narrow selection of participants,

the setting of rules by Walton, and then the breaking of these rules by its agent (e.g. filming),

the “missing voices” of neighbours who will live adjacent to or who will be surrounded by development, some of whom were turned away at the visioning session, and

the setting of the agenda and facilitation of the visioning sessions by the developer’s agents. Why were some residents outside of the study area given hand delivered invitations to the visioning session, while other residents inside of the study area (e.g. Blossom Avenue) were not?

We question the timing of Brant County’s visioning sessions which

take place immediately after Walton’s visioning sessions,

do not have public meetings in core communities such as Burford and St. George, and

which limit participation to a hand selected group of participants for a final private visioning meeting before the plan is presented to council.

We request that the Province

recognize “leapfrog development” pressure in Brant County , by excluding it from the Ontario Greenbelt,

follow the example of the town of Okotoks and set “limits to growth” for Brant County,

reduce the growth numbers in Brant County to help curb “leapfrog development” on prime farmland,

enable Brantford to grow up, not out,

help fund the development of brownfields, and

together with Brantford and Brant county respect the “permanent agriculture” ribbon that all these parties legally created in 1980 (Bill 120).

The provincially legislated “standstill/no-build” ribbon around Brantford is our “Greenbelt”.

We call upon the Council of Brant County to think outside the box and develop an effective, fair, and transparent mechanism with the Brantford City Council to cooperate meaningfully and productively in the realization of a joint strategy which capitalizes on the strengths of the urban and rural areas in an interdependent and mutually beneficial manner while both preserving, and enhancing the urban and rural parts of our community.

Farmland, natural habitat, and watershed are non-renewable, and their intrinsic and economic values will only grow over time. We call upon the Council of Brant County to be a leader among municipalities in the protection and preservation of this natural heritage for future generations.


Barry Pridham, Minister, Sydenham St. United Church, Brantford
Tutela Heights Phelps Road Residents Association
Brant Green Party 
National Farmers Union
(Brant, Hamilton, Halton Local)
Mohawk Workers
Sustainable Brant
Zero Waste Brant
Preserving Agricultural Lands Society
Langford Conservancy 
St. George Citizens Association

To add your group, please send an email to: or call


Video Statement RE: Walton Defiance & Legal Actions Underway

Public Reaction to Walton Meeting on Sept. 15th, 2102



THIS IS NOTICE TO YOU from the Kanienkahagen people of the Mohawk Nation of the Ouse / Grand River, who are the ‘head’ and leaders of the League of Five Nations Confederacy and trustees and protectors of the Haldimand Proclamation of 1784 which states the outright ownership to the Mohawk Nation and those others that wish to follow; of the lands “six miles deep from the mouth to the source of the Grand (Ouse) River”, or the Haldimand Tract.


We ka-nyen-geh-ha-kah (Kanienkahagen) people of the Mohawk Nation of the Ouse / Grand River are Onkwehonweh (sovereign / real people) living on the banks of the Grand River under what some call The Great Law of Peace. Our land base of nearly 1 million acres (The Haldimand Tract) was given to us by the British for our military service and loss of our homeland in New York State, as we fought for the British in the American Revolutionary War (this is called the Haldimand Proclamation – See: We also fought for England during the war of 1812.

We ka-nyen-geh-ha-kah (Kanienkahagen) people of the Mohawk Nation of the Ouse / Grand River ceded neither land entitlements, nor title rights to any portions of lands under our stewardship to you. As such, your unauthorized actions have caused we, the ka-nyen-geh-ha-kah (Kanienkahagen) people of the Mohawk Nation of the Ouse / Grand River to put you on NOTICE in respect of the following:

1. As an unauthorized party to matters pertaining to Mohawk lands situated within the Haldimand Tract, YOU ARE HEREBY SUMMONED TO PRESENT YOURSELF FOR QUESTIONING WITHIN 72 HOURS to the Mohawk Workers or retreat from all lands “six miles deep from the mouth to the source of the Grand (Ouse) River” (the Haldimand Tract) until such time as you have complied with this NOTICE and SUMMONS;

2. YOU ARE HEREBY DIRECTED TO CEASE AND DESIST from any and all acts which directly pertain to matters in respect of any land situated within the Haldimand Tract, including unauthorized dealings and unlawful trespasses, effective immediately, or retreat from all lands “six miles deep from the mouth to the source of the Grand (Ouse) River” (the Haldimand Tract) until such time as you have complied with this NOTICE and SUMMONS;

3. Any failure on your part, to voluntarily comply with any portion of this NOTICE TO YOU, may result further ramifications such as the forwarding of your relevant details to INTERPOL / international authorities and further proceedings against you WITHOUT FURTHER NOTICE including the issuance of a warrant under seal for questioning.

Contact the Mohawk Workers at the office listed below in order to arrange a suitable time for you to present yourself for questioning. GOVERN YOURSELF ACCORDINGLY.

Child / Plastiras Ignore Notice From Mohawks of the Ouse

Jason Child – Walton Regional VP & John Plastiras – Walton Development and Management President each tried to evade service,  leaving the NOTICE and  SUMMONS to fall to the ground after being served.

This defiance and disrespect shown towards the Kanienkahagen people did not go unnoticed. These belligerent occupiers and their agents will be held to fully account for their actions by the Mohawk Workers of the 5 Nation Confederacy.

The public was outraged. Many groups have now come together in solidarity.  The Mohawks of the Ouse vow to relentlessly pursue an end to all intrusions and corruption of their homeland by continuing to identify and hold unauthorized parties to account for their actions.


About Rotinonshonni ónhwe - Tkanatáhere

We belong to families organized pursuant to ancient ways. Ka-nyen-geh-ha-kah (Mohawks) of Grand River support site. "Very simply, frauds and deceit have usurped this war reparation and robbed our people of what is rightfully ours, leaving us with only a Land Claim. Broken deals, fraud, embezzlement and genocide – and worse – all perpetrated at the unclean hands of too many to count at this time. We are (Mohawks) Ka-nyen-geh-ha-kah of Grand River, founders of the Five Nation League and what some call the "Great Peace".

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